Monday, October 6, 2008

4th day Raya Activities

Salam Aidilfitri to all.. It was the first raya for me as Mrs Hemin. It was fun but basically the celebration is just the same as before except for this year i'm celebrating raya with my husband's family. It was a bit syahdu la since i've been celebrating for the past 28 years with my family.. We were in kl on the raya eve. So after sembahyang raya and photography session, me.. hubby and my in laws hit the road and driving all the way to Perlis to celebrate raya at my father in law's kampung. I've never been to Perlis before.. so i'm a bit 'teruja' la. Well since this is the post for my 4th day raya, i'll skip the stories and will post it later ok.

So after my trip to Perlis.. me n hubby went back to Seremban on Saturday afternoon to celebrate raya at my parent's house. Well sadly to say my Along and Wa were back in kl already. So its just my mom and dad.. and my siblings yg single mingle.

It was a busy day.. with my adik2 from johor (ain, kak jan, nuqill, aisyah, balqis n melor), my ayah n mak from kl dtg tgk their besan and kak nor n family from PD. So after the busy afternoon and evening session, me and hubby decided to go for karaoke session later that night with sit, shah, yani and her bf, faiz.. It was so fun!! hihi.. I love you all. U guys rocks!!!

Here are some of the peekturees taken that night. Hubby is not in any of the peektures as he is the OP for the night. Great job hubby!!! Very nice peekturees!


The Journey.. said...

pesan kat min.. lenkali bawak tripod + remote so that he can be in da pics as well. all dis moments need to be shared with da loved ones la.

Moi Suwit a.k.a Mrs Xylan said...

hahha.. adik beradik aku tu pun kire d love of my life la.. hahaha yup.. he forgot to bring d tripod. takpe dia suke tgk bini dia happy.. kan cik??

Amino said...

Hehehe.. yep yep. As long as the wife is happy :)

Tripod ada, dalam kereta with umbrellas and stands. Malas nak bawak. :P

Iza wonders... said...

Aww so sweet...well,im expecting to see more of raya photos..hehe..but i guess karaoke session will never failed to make u even more karaoke chic! when is our next karaoke outing?

Moi Suwit a.k.a Mrs Xylan said...

helooooooooooooo... i'm getting better.. give me few more days before i can jumping up n down.. then its karaoke time!!!!