Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hair Cut OH Hair Cut!!

Hehe.. since qmie came out with her new hairdo.. i was inspired to look around for new hair cut suggestion for the divas.. This is just for fun aight.. :-) Divasssssssss.. i present you the new look of Divas for Raya 2008..

Lily @ Hot Mama

Why i think this would suits her:
The Color is very nice and i think she would like to try carrying a long hair this season.. ;-)
Yupp.. definitely HOTT MAMA!!!

Qimie @ Beyonce ;-)

Why i think this would suits her:
I was actually talking about the bang.. not the color. As lily a.k.a hot mama suggest, it would be nicer if she has fringe.

Iza @ Iza Vouge

Why i think this would suits her:
The hair color is very nice.. Since she said she might want to color her hair. The fringe would give a nice frame to her face.

IRDA @ Divas Sweetheart

Why i think this would suits her:
Saleisha is looking so sweet in this hairdo.. and irda definitely can carry this style!!

Hana @ Moi suwit

Lurveeeee the color and the pixie cut. To do or not to do??

Okeh.. i'm off to bed. Just had my sahur.. Selamat Berpuasa to all...


lovelyfarhoney said...

i like!! i like!! tp wambut aku lambat sgt pjg.. kang buat xtension kang baru tau..haha.. aku suka irda@seleisha nyer wambut!! tp x seswai dgn 'kerek'ter haku ni.. qme wat la fringe mcm tu.. cantek beb!! hana ko cengung kn lu muka ko tau.. br buat rmbut cam tuh.. huhu..

The Journey.. said...

hmmmm... aku takut nnt aku rimas jek kalo ada fringe nih... hahaha...

lovelyfarhoney said...

ala takder la babe.. nnt ko akan terbiase punya!! go qme go 4 fringe!! go qme! go qme!! sure zam will love it!! gerenti.. kalo ko rimas nnt ko potong pendek jherk trus wambut ko nnt ni.. hihihi

Iza speaks... said...

oh tq darling..such a sweet gesture of yours :)..i am waiting patiently for my hair to grow longer..and hopefully i might b able to color them just a few days before raya at my fren's salon in bangsar.Its called 'Peek a Boo'and they are professionals n has got a very attractive raya package..let me know if u girls intrested so tht i can arrange for d appointment...i was thinking of coloring it hazel brown highlight..once my hair has grew longer,i would considered my self some highlightings and permenant curl..big cirl actually..hehe..lets just see how it goes..hehe..XOXO to my DIVAS..