Monday, February 14, 2011

Sunday Makeover

It was a busy sunday for me and hubby. We had the famous nasi lemak tanglin for breakfast @ 9.00am. It was my second time eating there. The first time was with my boss and clients where we had ikan bakar. The nasi lemak is so yummeh! You can see a long queue in front of the stall no. 6 (hubby was one of them :p). It was a very simple nasi lemak.. nothing fancy but the combination of nasi, sambal especially the sambal sotong and ikan bilis are just perfect for my liking (sorry, no picture taken as i was very hungry and the nasi lemak is super yummeh). Recommended!!!

After the mouth watering breakfast, we off to IKEA for some furniture hunting. We reached there about 10.15am (there earliest record so far) and there were lots of parking available for us to choose :D yay! Hubby wanted to complete his darkroom and i wanted to do my so called makeover near the staircase area.

The makeover results will be posted in the next entry :p

Stay tune!!

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