Saturday, October 18, 2008

Open House @ Family Gathering 2008

The first open house was for family members only. I'm gonna have another round of open house for frens, schedule next weekend. I'm still awake.. and it's already 2 a.m. the first open house cum family gathering was a success! I started of with groceries shopping @ giant with my mom. Min has his mom n son outing @ zoo negara. I started preparing the dishes at 12 noon.. it was a good plan to start the function at 8 p.m. as I have ample time to do the preparation. Thanks mom for helping me out hehehe.. Quite impressive as all the the dishes was home cook by me n mom..

So lets check out the menu:

Soto Ayam
Sup Ayam
Begedil Daging
Nasi Himpit
Kuah Lodeh @ Lontong
Puding Roti
Chicken scallop with cheese
Checker Fries
Air Blackcurrant

Attended by:

Mom n dad
My in laws
Along and family (1st sis)
Wa and family (2nd sis)
Sit n Yani (the single duo)
Shah (tokey lomang klasik)
Abg Cop n family (anak mak ngah, kedah)

Alhamdullilah all my family members attended the open house except for my bro, shah a.k.a tokey lomang klasik who only show up at the end of the gathering. Thanks laling for coming all the way from Seremban.. owh.. not to mention my dad too.. Thank you all for coming.. Really appreciate it!

Hmm.. okey.. i'm off to bed with a smile on my face ;-)
Enjoy the peektures xoxoxoxo!!!!!

my beloved anak2 buah.. so cute la korang ni!

suma tgh gelakkan aqil. my nephew yg duduk bwh kanan skali

this is actually the last peekture taken with tokey lomang included

me.. as usual sempat lagi possing for hubby

beautiful women possing for camera

abg cop n family with my parents

me and aliyah 'biba'

Couple peekture.. hehe taken by sit

these are the lovely n beloved women in my life

and last but not least.. as usual, credit to my loving husband for all the wonderful peektures!


The Journey.. said...

seronok nye ada hubby suka amik gambor!! hahahah...

Moi Suwit a.k.a Mrs Xylan said...

hihi.. ya betul.. nanti zam will say exactly the same thing.. seronoknyer ada bini suka ambik gamba. Am so tired la babe.. off to zzzzzzzzzz

Iza wonders... said... rajin you..nice pictures :)..cant wait to be with u girls next week..miss u girls A LOT!!

Lin Taengz said...

Chicken scallop with cheese
Checker Fries...
apa ni ek.. cam best jek..