Friday, September 12, 2008

Adriana Dafinah Part 2

My niece ni memang ade talent nak jadi Malaysia Next Top Model. Just look at the way she posse. This was taken the same day as her earlier peekture. So cute with her cute kaftan.. And.. no.. i didn't teach her to posse like that.. it is just natural.. kid nowadays!.. hihi..

Here comes another one.. they were both cousins.. hehe.. presenting aliya biba.. biba is not her real name. I like to call her that.. hihi.. She also likes to play with make up.. dah pandai anak along ni..


Amino said...

Hahahaha.. so adorable la this kid.
By the way, I shot that :P

Moi Suwit a.k.a Mrs Xylan said...

yes u did sir! Good joob!